Monday, June 04, 2007

A Virgin No More

I just came back from my first TNNA and I am absolutely exhausted. I've never been so tired. I saw some really incredible things that I can't wait to share with you, but it will come in fits and starts, as there's just too much to get down all at once. So check back often!

I'll start with the Sheep Shop Yarn Company. Their yarn has an amazing array of saturated colors. You will notice there is no white. Why? Because anybody can do white. Well, actually God does it on the sheep. But not everybody can do color like these people do. And most of their yarn is of the "get 'er done" variety, worsted weight and bulky, with dk weight for those not in a hurry. They have wool and also a silk and wool blend. There were lovely swatches of all their wonderful colors that were a delight to the hand and the eye. I wish I had some to post on my Yarnswatch blog. They do both multi-colored yarns and solids, but really the solids have variations in hues, which make them very interesting as well. They have a few patterns on their site for each of the yarns, but there are none yet listed for the silk and wool blend. Perhaps I should whip something up! Of course, I'd have to have the yarn to do that, and since TNNA is not cash and carry, I don't. But a girl can dream.