Thursday, September 27, 2007

Episode 6 Repost: The one to listen to.

Sorry, folks! I was unaware of how bad the audio I had edited for Episode 6 sounded when played. I just discovered that all my hard work trying to edit the program on Audacity was all for naught. It sounded like I was recording from space, with all the Jetsons aboard warbling in the background. Though this one still has background noise in the beginning, i.e., while I'm driving, once I stop, the audio is fine. To me, this sounds better than the edited version, so I'm just posting it as is. I've reposted here and on iTunes. Sorry for the crappy sound. If you have any sound editing advice, I'd be glad to have it!!!

PassioKnit-A-Long for the month of October: focus on your passion for
a whole month!!!

MP3 File

**See shownotes in the previous post.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Episode 6: PassioKnits

PassioKnit-A-Long for the month of October: focus on your passion for a whole month!!!

MP3 File

Episode 6 Show Notes:

Please let me know if you are interested in participating in the PassioKnits-Along. October is the month of my 10 year wedding anniversary, so I thought, why not focus on our passion, whatever it may be. We will be working on whatever we are passionate about, whether it's spinning, knitting, crocheting, a certain fiber, certain colors, Fair Isle, Lace, Cables, SOCKS, you name it. In fact, name your passion, then come and work on it with us. Leave me a comment or a Ravelry message (user i.d.: PassioKnits) or an e-mail ( if you are interested in spending the month of October focused on your passion.

Also, I'll be giving a prize to anyone who can help me come up with a winning idea for a gift for my husband for our 10th anniversary, and NO it CANNOT be that I don't knit for a month, though that would be HIS passion! The prize will, of course, be knitting oriented, or have something to do with YOUR passion.

Join our Ravelry group called PassioKnitters

Saucylouise's Japanese Crafts and Books Store: 10% off everything in the store right now! And also her etsy site: Obviously this is where I've ordered my Japanese Knitting books from.

Yarnahoy: 10 % off on your first order. This is where I bought the Kashmiri Princess lace yarn and the fall colored sock yarn (above).

Kindred Spirits Yarn: this is where I got the big honking hank of sock yarn in the beautiful fall colors, and she shipped it FAST!

If you order from any of the above sellers, tell them Julie from PassioKnits sent you!

On the Needles:

Here's the front of the Nashua Handknits sweater I'm working on, using Aussi Wool Chunky yarn. I've reviewed the yarn here if you're interested.

This is the Merino and Silk hand-dyed yarn I'm using for the Collared Shawl in Sally Melville's Purl Stitch book. The colors of this yarn are amazing!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Episode 5: PassioKnits "SockagaWheeeeA"

Socks, patterns, and upcoming books.

MP3 File

On the Needles:

Here is the Corrugated Rib Swing Coat I'm working on. This is the whole body, now I just have to finish the sleeves (stockinette = boring = it'll be awhile).

This is the first panel of the bottom front of the Gwenivere's Choice Tunic from Lacy Little Knits by Iris Shreier.

Off the Needles:

Here is the wonderful pair of socks I finished so very, very quickly from Cat Bordhi's "New Directions for Sock Knitters." I can't recommend it enough, especially for those who, like me, think they hate knitting socks. And now for the details: