Thursday, September 06, 2007

Episode 5: PassioKnits "SockagaWheeeeA"

Socks, patterns, and upcoming books.

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On the Needles:

Here is the Corrugated Rib Swing Coat I'm working on. This is the whole body, now I just have to finish the sleeves (stockinette = boring = it'll be awhile).

This is the first panel of the bottom front of the Gwenivere's Choice Tunic from Lacy Little Knits by Iris Shreier.

Off the Needles:

Here is the wonderful pair of socks I finished so very, very quickly from Cat Bordhi's "New Directions for Sock Knitters." I can't recommend it enough, especially for those who, like me, think they hate knitting socks. And now for the details:

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Beth/Snarkdog said...

Hmmm, pink. Who'd a thunk? ;)
Very pretty. Mine are resting right not because I think they're too big.