Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Laker's Life's For Me

Here is photographic evidence for why I haven't posted in so long. It is so beautiful and peaceful and mind-numbing up here on the lake, that I haven't bothered to get on the computer much. That and the fact that I can't get my son off of e-bay long enough to actually write a post. But that doesn't mean I haven't been knitting. Not by a long shot. I've finished a couple of projects, and am well on my way with another.

I picked up a kit at TNNA from the Hemp For Knitting Company. It is this cute little capelet made with Cashmere Canapa, which is a mix of cotton, hemp, and cashmere. A random combination, I thought, but it was fun. It only took about a ball and a half, if that much. You can read my review of the yarn on my Yarnswatch blog.

The next thing I finished was a little shrug I started at TNNA, and then promptly forgot about. I was bored with everything I brought to work on, so my friend, Nancy, said I could use her Tilli Tomas Mogul yarn if I wanted to knit something up for her shop, Knit Stop. Our friend, Karen, who works at the store, had taken Stephanie Japel's little shrug class, there, so I took a look at her pattern and came up with something a little different. I need a bit more coverage of the frontal real estate than Stephanie's design supplied (mind you, that is not me modeling in this photo. It is my nephew's skinny little 19 y.o. girlfriend), so I changed the fronts up, connected it under the arms, gave it longer sleeves, and added a different edging to make it my own, all the while forgetting (conveniently?) that it was for the store and not for me! Oh well, it was fun to come up with a new pattern, and maybe I'll get to wear it once before I turn it over to the boss lady.

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