Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl of Knitting

Strip Tease
Yesterday was the Superbowl of Knitting for me. We watched several episodes of 24 on DVD, finishing the second season, then, of course, the superbowl, so I got lots of knitting time. DS2 got the tummy bug from DS1, so between pukes, there was plenty of sitting and knitting. I worked on the Twisted Sisters Isolde sweater, which is done in strips, which you see pictured here. It is coming right along. You've never seen knitting fly faster than it did when DS2 started vomitting right beside me, mid-row. It (the sweater I was knitting) landed across the room while I grabbed for the bowl in record time. I'm not sure a whole second ticked off the clock. It was that fast. I wish I'd had the video camera going. Well, for the fast move, not for the upchuck. That I could go a long time without seeing again.


Beth said...

No matter how slow you think you are, puke will get you moving.

PassioKnits said...

Well said!

yarnwright said...

Hi! Just checking out your blog for KnitPICKERS webring! As soon as you get the code up, you'll be added!
LOVE your blog, btw!

Penny Karma said...

I think I'm going to put Beth's comment on a Bumper Sticker.