Thursday, February 02, 2006

No Knitting for the Last 2 days!!!?????

No Knitting for the Last 2 days!!!?????
You heard it here, folks.  I have not touched the needles in two whole days.  Am I sick?  No, but my son is.  Poor guy tossed his cookies all night long, and has laid on the couch all day.  I could have tossed my own cookies yesterday when I got the news that his school will no longer provide elementary classes next year, and we now have to scurry to find him a new school AFTER the application dates have passed.  Great timing, huh?  I’m sure this was meant to be, in some odd way, but for right now, it is a pain in the tushki.  I don’t do well with uncertainty.  I will have to learn to do so for the next couple of months, as I will have no choice.  So, anyway, I’ve not had the opportunity nor the gumption to knit for the last couple of days.  But maybe I will tonight.  Wish us luck in the school department…..

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Isela said...

Wooohoo, you have won :). You've got it correct, GI Jane :).