Monday, January 30, 2006

More Finished (and Semi-finished) Objects

I was too lazy to post these photos over the weekend, so here, now is my progress report.

That's me, modeling my Rowan Big Wool Coat. This was just sent to my by my mentor, Barb, who took the photo at our weekly get-together at Barnes and Noble. If you look in the background, you will see that they've gotten hip to us and strategically posted some knitting books on an end cap right by the cafe where we get together with 5-20 people to knit and for Barb to teach her unending, 50 years in the making, knitting knowledge. I'm still pushing her (gently) to get started on her book of awesome tips. Look for it in your favorite bookstore....soon.

This is the Tahki Ghost Print sweater I talked about earlier. I had finished it previously, but then decided it needed to have a shawl collar and cuffs. So here is my friend, Cathy, modeling the finished product for me.

And here is a shot of my progress on the Crossed in Translation sweater. Please note that it is crammed onto a 24 inch needle, so you're only seeing what I can show without popping stitches off the needles.

Here is the halfway finished UGG boot. Just a few more rows to go, but I'm bored.....SO....

I move on to yet another project (remember how starting projects really jazzes me?). Yesterday I started a Twisted Sisters sweater, Isolde. Because of my husband's (cough, cough) mandate that I use up my stash before buying new yarn, I searched around for something to go with the Artyarns Supermerino I had chosen for this sweater (without knowing I would need 24 skeins) in colors 209 and 210, and I finally found some Chelsea Silk that was just right (as goldilocks would say. So here is a photo of my first strip of the sweater.

That's all for now, kids. Julie, out.....


Pooch said...

Your work is lovely. The Tahki Ghost Print jacket really caught my eye! The colors are scrumptious!! Beautiful-beautiful!


Theresa said...

Am Kamin looks great. I just started the hat this week - but I think the sweater's going to be my Knitting Olympics project. I must be insane, right?

Beth said...

OK, so which B&N do you knit at, what day and when? And would they mind a new face?

AJ said...

I'm loving the Crossed in Translation! The stitches in the pattern are gorgeous!

Knitcrazy said...

What is the pattern for the Taki Ghost sweater?? I LOVE it :)

Steph said...

Your Am Kaman/ Crossed in Translation looks awesome so far! this is on my list of to-do's someday!

ps got you added on the Aran Webring, thanks for joining!

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