Friday, January 20, 2006

Sock It To Me Baby...

Well, it's finally happened. I've finally succumbed to the sock knitting craze, as I swore I never would. What's with these socks anyway? What's the big deal? My mentor knits them constantly, and is never without one on the needles. So finally, I tried on one of hers. Hmmmmmmmm......these feel scrapey, scratchy seam to harrass my poor little toes.....hmmmmm....maybe I ought to try a pair.......

So what is it people? What is it with these socks? Why are there so many sock knitters out there? What are you Jaywalkers up to, anyway? Somebody esplain it to me, por favor. In the meantime, check out my socks:


Jan said...

I started doing socks because I have an odd sized sort of foot and have a had time finding good fitting commercially made socks. I got hooked knitting them for myself because I can custom fit them, and I can make them as funky and unique as I want!

They are fairly easy, once you get the hang of the dbl pts (I don't like doing the circs for socks). It's a small project so can easily be tucked into my purse or even my coat pocket and taken with me anywhere.

Marilyn said...

1.)I hate seams in socks.
2.)They can go anywhere, in a pocket, purse or project bag.
3.) The variety of yarns and patterns makes boredom a non-issue.
4.) They can be custom fitted.
Who could ask for anything more?

JennyRaye said...

I agree with Marilyn--definitely the wide variety of yarns available! Love all the cool colors. Also it's a small project, knits fairly quickly, as compared with a sweater. Great gift. Easy to try new things on a sock--ribbing, cables, etc. Cost--can knit a pair of socks for myself without feeling too guilty--even if I buy expensive sock yarn, I'm still spending less than $25, can't say that for a sweater.

Stephanie/TX said...

I live in Texas. It's too warm and muggy to knit anything larger most of the time.

Reasons to knit socks:

1) They are fun and impressive
2) Fast to knit
3) Portable
4) Take up a lot less space than a sweater
5) It's a fair bet that you won't outgrow your socks though a few added pounds can have you outgrowing a sweater.
6) You can knit socks out of just about any kind of yarn available and what you can't knit a whole sock out of you can use as trim on the sock or knit a purse or scarf from if you have to have some of the yarn.

Cableneedle MS said...

I like socks because:

1. I can make them to fit my feet (I'm 4'10") and my husband's feet (he's 6'5" with a sock being the same size as a sleeve for me);

2. There are so many colors in Mountain Colors Barefoot and they have mohair in them;

3. People think I am a genius because I can use five needles at one time (LOL) and they are baffled how I can turn a heel;

4. They are portable projects that I can pick up and put down easily, especially for a KIP project;

5. They are fun to make...

Julie said...
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Julie said...

I was never, ever going to knit socks. I thought sock knitters were out of their minds. (Why spend all that time and money when you can just buy them at the Target??)

But then....I knit a pair...and now I can't stop. I'm right there with the rest of you sock knitters, whipping out my sock and knitting while waiting in line at the Kinko's. Go figure. ;)