Saturday, March 04, 2006


What I Did on My Not-So-Summer Vacation
There are my sons having a blast on the beach. The weather was glorious, and it was so nice to be together as a family. I was able to do lots of knitting, too.

I worked on the Am Kamin, which is coming along nicely. I have since started the first sleeve, and plan to join it all together at the raglan decreases. We shall see......

I also knitted up a cute tank top, modeled here by my friend, Cathy. I thought it fit me great till my two twig friends tried it on and it fit them. Let's just say I have a little more frontal real estate than they do. Maybe this will turn into a gift. Speaking of bust, on the stash-busting front, I actually bought the materials for this as my second project of my knitting career, back in March of 2004. Two years later, I finally got it out of my stash and made it. I based it on a pattern found at Spun Magazine . I used Crystal Palace Mikado Ribbon and Berrocco Candy FX held together. I added garter stitch edges at the bottom and around the armholes, as the holes were quite large and would not cover my bra. I think it turned out nicely.

Today was finishing day. I finally finished the few inches of sleeve I had to do on my son's Tomten Jacket, by Elizabeth Zimmermann. The Malabrigo yarn I used is SO soft, and the color, Azul Lindo, is appropriately named (pretty blue).

These boots are made for lounging. The UGG boots are finally done. I based it on this pattern, seen on Knitty Gritty, "Das Boot." I used moccassin bottoms instead of high-heeled shoes, and the moccassin bottoms I picked up at Hobby Lobby already had the holes in them, so I didn't have to drill anything. I used GGH Velour, which looks and feels like suede. The fluffy white stuff at the top is Gedifra Chapello. They're not pretty, but they're done, and at this point, that's all I'm shooting for!

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